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 Significant Events

Many of us have been through “The Nightmare”:

- A high significance event occurs
- We analyze the event
- Our corrective actions are implemented
 -The Leadership Team and the Regulator sign off.  

And then … some time later …… the same or very similar event recurs! 

We can help you prevent this nightmare scenario.

We are again offering the five-day Phoenix-based Event Investigation Training Workshop, to be held June 13-17, 2022 in Marlborough CT USA.  This
40 hour workshop contains many of the causal analysis toolsets covered by our Root Cause Assessment Evaluation course. 

Between 2006-2022, we have presented the RCA Evaluation course to the
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) over 40 times; and since 2017, to the Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority (JNRA), and to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). 

Our workshop integrates over 20 hands-on, group exercises to prepare participants to use the causal tools and methodology immediately upon completing the workshop.

Workshop participants will return to their workplace prepared to deploy new insights and time-tested tools to find event precursors before they find you.

A Description of The Phoenix Method and Course profile can be viewed at:

Phoenix Method 

Event Investigation Workshop Profile

Please contact Michael Quinn, Lead Instructor, for a registration form:

Michael D. Quinn, Sc.D.  Office: 860.463.0413          Email:

The workshop capacity is limited to 16 attendees - to support the required focus on course exercises.